What A Beautiful Life

Life is not infinite.

Awesome moments do not last forever, that is why they are so great.

Therefore, life is awesome.

Everyday serves us another opportunity to go on an adventure.

Make new friends.

Talk to the person we like.

Make a mistake.

And if we fail, we always have tomorrow and the day after that.

We can decide to dedicate our life to serving God.

Follow his plan for us to use our life to serve others.

We can become doctors and save lives.

We can become teachers and teach others new things.

Or we could even become scientist and come up with life altering inventions.

The things we can do in our finite lives are limitless, that is what makes life so awesome.

Throughout life, we experience a wave of emotions.

Whether it is the butterflies in our stomach, when the person we like talks to us.

Or the feeling of nausea before giving a speech, but then feeling relief when it is over.

It could be fear, when we have to do something unfamiliar to us, but then we feel excitement and pride after we have overcome our obstacle.

Regardless of the emotion, it allows us to live a more lively life.

Small things like the smell of freshly cut grass in the morning can produce a slow inhale and a smile.

The way the sun can create beautiful colors in the sky, when it sets and rises.

How its rays can make a lake or ocean shimmer like glitter.

The way the leaves of a tree transform from green, to various beautiful shades of oranges and reds, in the fall.

In the winter the first snow fall creates a beautiful and almost angelic blanket that covers the earth.

And when the chilly temperatures and snow disappear, out peeps the shy photogenic flowers from their long slumber.

Then, when the temperature rises and your shorts come out from the back of your closet, you know summer is approaching.

The long summer nights, roasting s'mores and catching fireflies.

Hot and sunny days spent by the poolside or on the beach.

The taste of a cool glass of lemonade or an ice cream cone to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Our memories in life can be triggered by a smell, a picture, or maybe even a song.

Our lives are made up of past memories and memories to come.

And whether it is a memory as simple as the smell of freshly baked cookies or as exhilarating as your first kiss, all of those moments are what make life truly awesome!

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