What is Beautiful?

Do you see beautiful?
Do you...
Do you see beautiful in me?
Sorry for asking.
It's just,
Maybe beautiful is
A choice, not a birthright.
Who you become, not what you are.
God made bodies
So they're worth something for sure,
But maybe beautiful is found
In what you do with them.
Our hearts get stuck
On what they see
When really
They were made for what they can't.
We nurse our kids on body types
Spoon feed them with fashion.
They soon learn they'll never be enough
For the 'right' kind of beautiful.
Stop it.
Barbie isn't beautiful.
She's fake.
Beautiful isn't makeup, clothes
Surgeries, or sexy.
Beautiful is owning up 
to the person God created you to be.
It's living in honesty, integrity, sincerity.
Beautiful is love,
And what you do with it.
This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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