What Are You Waiting For?

Don't ever hesitate to take the stand. Don't ever wait for the right moment to strike. You must find it in yourself to break the silence. You have the power to make things right. It doesn't matter what anybody says. If they hold you back, say "Screw you!" and don't stay still. Dance away into the night and sing to the wind. I promise, there is happiness that you can fulfill. Love will come along the way, But you can't sit there and wait for it to find you. It won't wait for you to catch up to it. It'll slip away from you no matter what you do. Don't ever shy away from the fight. Stand up and take your ground, have no fear because you can win, you can be more than they say. Let it be your feelings they hear. You are more than what they will see. Arise into the sky and fall into the sun. You don't need to hesitate, there's nothing to fear. Trust me, there is still work to be done. What are you waiting for? 

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Our world


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