What Are Words



it shifts



it moves

and remains

but a word is a word

and blue is blue

but is blue to me the blue to you?

is this poem my poem

or is for you?

does it move you

when you're sad


feeling bad.

do you relate

does it cause debate

does it educate?

I don't know

you don't know

we don't know.

but isn't that why we all write?

To find out if what we feel

is real
and we can deal

with it.

We all don't know

what caused the first "write."

we all just wanted to feel right 

I write for you

and you write for me

and when I write I feel free

I'm no longer me

I am that feeling

of confusion


and contusion.

that's why I write

these words that aren't really words

they're me and you

you and me


set free


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