What Are Civil Rights?


CIVIL…RIGHTS….What are civil rights?

Social and universal privileges that are to be commonly shared and available to all,

Regardless of your race, sex, social economic statuses the privileges are yours to claim.

It should not matter what school you attend or don’t attend, or by what name you are called.

The privileges are to be freely available without the equality struggles, fights and games.


Civil rights are really no different than the God given rights Jesus made available to every man, woman, boy and girl that choose to believe.

But too often of these rights many are deceived.

Deceived not by God but by man, for no other reason than the mere fact that they can,

So again,  I ask what are Civil Rights?

The call to be civil, courteous, and polite to all humans,

To love and care for one another while realizing that we are all sisters and brothers,

All children of the one Father that continues to show us grace and mercy,

And an unconditional love that compares to no other.

Therefore, Civil Rights simply means to be civil to one another and love unconditionally, respect the rights afforded to one another.

T. M. A. #PoetrySlam


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