What Am I NOT?

Science gave up hope long ago.

The doctors said there will be no twin.

My parents prayed and hoped.

G-d proved he runs the world.

A 2.1 pound child entered this world.

I am... a MIRACLE


My dad was never there for me.

Seemed to despise his children.

Memories of unpleasantries remain.

Siblings stuck together.

Proved we don't need him in our lives.

I am... STRONG


Raised by a single mom.

She saw me through my education to date.

Created an immense family for myself.

Have siblings who would do anything in a heartbeat for me.

Never truly alone.

I am... LOVED


At fifteen my life shattered.

A dear sister passed away.

Time has gone on by.

I will never forget.

I have remained true to myself.

I am... a SURVIVOR.


Was going to attempt.

Realized I have much to still live for.

Got on the subway instead of the tracks.

Rode the train of life instead of getting off.

Decided to always keep my ticket on hand.

I am... BRAVE


Named for King David.

Orthodox is how I was raised.

Shabbat is so special to me.

Israel is my home country.

Proudly show my religion on college campus.

I am... a JEW


Books have always engulfed me.

Words become my voice.

Stories become alive in my mind.

Thoughts take on creation via pen.

Ink on paper is my bloodline.

I am... a WRITER


I once thought I was going to be different.

Used to see a different future.

Realize now that the above defines who I am.

People's expectations aren't what makes me me.

I forever choose my own pathway.

I am... DOVID

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