What am I?


Where the Heart is
United States

ME, I am Play-doh

ME, malleable, capable of being anything imaginable

ME, smelling of youth, glee, and a Crayola crayon

ME, tasting salty from hard work and overuse

ME, feeling cool and refreshing

Quiet, shy, unappreciated, ME

Clumsy, foolish, tactless ME

Introverted, ambiguous, forgettable, ME

Instigator, destroyer, problematic, ME

To be or not to be, indecisive, ME

Loud, wild, obnoxious, ME

Smooth, fly, funky fresh, ME

Extroverted, well-defined, showstopper, ME

Diplomatic, peacemaker, moderator, ME

ME, cold and useless when contained

ME, bold and creative

ME, toxic when consumed in large doses

ME, shaped by everything around me

ME, I am Play-doh

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