What Am I

If you can guess what I am

You’ve probably seen me

More than one can imagine

I run through your body

Like bodies of water

Nothing stops me

But the 3 layers of your skin

And the walls of your veins

They stick needles in your body

And suck me out for certain things

But once I hit the surface

Once I hit the surface of oxygen

I change

I change from blue to red

Like bruises against your face

Like the leaves do in the fall

Like a painter with an empty canvas

To a painter with a painting

I am the same on the inside

But I change to help you survive

Make an incision on your body

And I come flowing out

Like a waterfall on a starry night

But you wouldn’t want to do that

Because you need me to survive

Some may see me too many times a day

But it’s not my fault we go

Through the things we go through

It’s not my fault

Some have different types

Some have more red than white

Some see me every month

Show me to a kid

And they look at me in disgust


Why do some take me from you,

And give me to her?

Why do some take me from him,

And give me to you?

What is so wrong with me

Being inside of you?

Why are some scared to see me?

They run to get help and screams of

“He’s dying”

“He’s hurt”

“He needs help”

Why is seeing blood,

So horrific?



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