What About Others?

This boy is seen as happy

He does not seem concerned

How he presents himself

His feelings are not discerned.

He is angry at the world,

He is angry at his best friend,

He is angry at his family,

So maybe this should end.

Loved ones notice of course, Despite how he tries to hide

He hardly seems to notice

They are standing by his side. 

When they found the note wishing them goodbye,

Everyone rushes in hopes of a drop by.

He is still alive when they find him, A gun sitting by his thigh

They began to question and asked him one question: Why?

Why would you leave us?

Why would you die?

 Why would you be selfish, and leave us here to cry?

Why not talk to us and tell us what's wrong?

 Did you think we did not love you all along?

And to end this with a message clear and loud

No one is alone

Someone who loves you is standing in the crowd.

Don't be selfish by committing suicide.

 Don't throw the love and life you've been given aside.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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