What About My Dream

I have a dream, much like Dr. Martin Luther King. That this country will stick to its important creed. "We The People", Blacks weren't included, but are they now? Why no respect for the black in office right now? He's a monkey! Where's his birth certificate? Has he not proven his 8 years were well spent. The Congress got no sense. Lincoln said political parties make no sense. That's exactly what they did now look at we we're facing. Faced with. Making a decision. Red or blue? I'm for human rights, how about you?
I have a dream, much like Dr. Martin Luther King. Something turned to nothing. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. You'll return to the dirt one day. I dreamt that my cousin was still alive, still living. Thriving from a great life. Snipped out like Dr.King and Mr.X. Why this nation keep giving the minorities the whole nations stress. Pac was there. B.I.G. too. Even Rosa Parks and Hariet Tudman came through. Pac was holding the door. As a servant of free will. Out of respect for the woman, they give life as punishment, not of free will. Even though Pac is dead, chivalry isn't. The golden rule should be the only law. Politicians don't know how to shut their jaw. This isn't disrespectful, its just the truth. Even Pope Francis could see the wrong in what this nation lets them do. Where is my respect? I don't want this welfare check! Keep the food stamps!! Do you hate me because of my cannabis plant. Why am we always the one to blame? To many rappers with unknown real names? There's no reason to exempt me from "innocent till proven guilty". Wait I haven't had a trial, take these handcuffs off me. All white Jurry? Lord, when I'm locked up please watch over my family.
What about my dream since November 16? I was brorn anew. No sin did I know no hate did people show. This world has changed for the worse. Why can't we all get along? Why can't we be friends? No common ground with the opposite race? How much did it hurt for that lie to come out those lips on your face? About as bad as getting maced? I bet it did. Stop, don't prevaricate. You better find out that "One Word". It would be in your best interest if you did. As soon as you do say goodbye to any and every sin. Once you do, remember that did. We are trying, but it isn't as simpe as "forget and forgive".
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