What’s My Filter?


One of my biggest filters would be

my family

How so?

I’m the youngest of five

A farmer’s daughter

A quiet one

A responsible one

A helpful one and only girl

A person who learns from her brothers’ mistakes


One of my biggest filters would be

my faith

How so?

I’m the searching Christian

A follower of God

A wanderer of the Spirit

A disciple of tradition

A believer in love and acceptance

A person who tries to the right thing despite who’s watchin


One of my biggest filters would be

my fear

How so?

I’m the one with standards

A straight A student

A plan ahead kinda person

A insecure doubting person

A scientist of expectations

A person facing an uncertain future but pushes forward anyway


My family, My faith, My fear

these are my filters

my operating codes

my control valves

That control my behavior

That present my identity to the world

That mold me into who I feel I ought to be

That push me forward

That keep me the person that I want to be

This poem is about: 
My family


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