Well I Don't Hate You

Well I don't hate you

I know I don't hate you

That's one thing I'm certain of


See, cause I don't hate you

Not when you push back my hair

And you seem to be focusing 

So hard

On such a simple task


And I don't hate it

When you hug me

So tight

I feel I might just burst

But it makes me feel


Safer than I've felt in a while


And I definitely don't hate it

How you always smell the same

And how you know when I'm hurting

And how you came looking

When air turned to lead in my lungs

And the tears wouldn't stop

And you noticed


And you always text me back

And call me back

And you're a jackass

But I know it

And I don't hate you all the same


But I do hate you

Because you did the one thing





that I can't forgive,

You left.

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