Well, That Happened

June came fast

June came slow

June hit us both like a bus

Without warning 

And no time for "No"

Out with highschool

The crazy rides we went on

Hello to even deadlier amusement

The new-friend-group

We both need a job

How about "Fuck it"

Our moms are crazy

But let me help you and yours

And that boy

O boy o boy

"He's cute"

I continue to egg you on

Everyone sees it happening

Everyone warns

The sparks on 4th of July

Plucked away from sad boy hours

I was whisked to my second home

Where I watched the fireworks 

In the comfort of canine company

I have never seen you this wild, dear friend

You are scaring me

It is I who fears you don't need me

Later I find you did

I'm sorry

Nothing a car ride and some Kesha can't fix

Still....some kinks to work out

It's time to get rid of that boy

He no longer serves you a positive purpose

I apologize for that too

It hurt to watch you

Chained by yesterday's demon

So I convinced you to frolic

In today's meadows

Sooner than expected came tomorrow's reality

Neither of us were prepared

When you went to jail

In this place time stopped for you

You dug yourself a hole

Threw yourself into it

Finally figuring out

How to take root

Blooming all on your own 

Your petals are illuminated

Me on the other hand 

I also chose to take a stand

Whoa, now look at August

We are both on our grown-woman game

I work hard to sow this seed

Search for my definition of love

Come up short and try a different approach

Maybe romance can wait

Life is coming fast

Life is comig slow

Life has hit us both like a bus

Next stop, college


This poem is about: 
My family


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