(welcome to) the rest of my life.

the radiant and heartwarming
palette of the sun’s colors
as i’ve seen all the passing seconds
of night turn to light. so is it right
that i witness the darkness?
dawn manifests in many ways,
and i’m catching all of its rays.

the struggle is real, but i try and relax
my muscles. all the knots in my back
lean forward with all the tales of things
i should do- understand that my style is
subdued. hiding out in the open,
the US (the world) is the stage until curtains
fall, serving a set of the most interesting kind…

playing with words as i just talk about my
life in such a casual way. but my transparency
seems to be opaque to you. yet to me,
the big picture is all i see. don’t get hung up
on the one frayed thread embedded
in the recesses of thy head. by sweating it out
with thy brow, energy is wasted. now,
instead of then, will be the goal strived for.
in 3-2-1…

things transpire as they will,
not as you may
like to wish.
so land among the stars
and absorb the light of the sun
to shine it on the world.

somehow, this got really cheesy…

- [nel.ito]


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