Welcome to the puppy factory farming

Welcome to the puppy factory farming

Suffering starts long before you arrived

The mother’s pregnancy pain started straight away

All for that pure bred you love to gain


Kept alone and always afraid

Left outside and chained

Caked in faeces, parvovirus and other diseases

Crying all day

Moved from place to place

All for that thousand-pound gain

Fuelled by your social media pet fame

As brachycephalic dogs are your latest selfie prop


Unable to breathe

Life is a misery

Mated with my siblings

Comes with birthing deformities

Many don’t survive

Its nothing but a tragedy


Puppies never see the light of day

Cold and isolated

No family, toys or games to play

Even without food on some days


This is not how life should of began

But we cannot say

Please don’t support this trade and pay

Instead adopt a stray


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My country
Our world
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