Welcome to my Newsroom

Welcome to my Newsroom

Welcome to my newsroom.

Where my problems seem to melt away.

Where there’s an inspirational quote on colored cardstock

On every inch of the wall.

Let me take you into the connecting room,

The white cement walls splattered

With the colors on poster boards we’ve created for inspiration,

The chalkboard we draw and write notes on,

The luminescent computers just waiting for us to write a good story on them.


Welcome to my newsroom.

In a world where “Journalism is dead,”

We feel very, very much alive.

There is nothing better than interviewing, writing, and editing

To bring awareness to what’s happening in our school and community.


Welcome to my newsroom,

Where I’ve finally found a good group of friends

People who love writing and surprisingly, love me.

Where I write a story,

One best friend takes photos,

One designs a graphic,

And the other always edits.

My adviser is a woman who loves me

On days that I can’t love myself.


Welcome to my newsroom.

Where I can fight to bring light to the underdogs of high school.

I can make sure the debate team gets the credit they deserve,

Or write about the things I find interesting in “Frozen”.

I have the power to make sure

That no ones accomplishments, no matter how unpopular

Never go unnoticed.


Welcome to my newsroom.

The one place I feel safe in school.

The place that gives me a voice that otherwise gets drowned out.

A place that I get to decide

What’s important in a school where other students tell me

my opinion doesn’t matter.


Welcome to my newsroom,

 Where I fell in love with journalism, writing, and where I learned to love myself.


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