Welcome to his world 

Welcome to his world 

They said he didn’t have it in him

They said he wasn’t confident

They never really met him

Nonsensical. Insane. 

That’s who he was to them

But comforming to society doesn’t make you real

In a world so fake

I’d rather be mad

Now he’s lost in his head

Is it really that bad?

He’s speaking to a planet that pure souls inhabit 

Watch the world turn dark the minute that evil damaged it.

Her world was going dark

She was praying for dawn

She was looking for a change just to save them all

She could hear his words speak

She could feel the passion

Feel the power of the hero 

She believed the madness

Now she’s tired of monotonous, Repeated actions

Took her own walls down so she could see the magic

She was hoping for the hero just to save the planet

Could he save the planet?

He’s living out a fantasy, the world has gone silent

The voices in his head have been trying to guide him

He’s not in his head, he’s starting to be defiant

He’s chosen the role of a rogue so childish

He’s hoping that the universe is different

He’s been praying that the whole entire world isn’t vicious

He’s battling against the repetition

He’s living in the future cause his present isn’t better than his visions.


Written in a dream

He sees it while he’s wide awake

His mind is going wild

He lost it to the silent days

Magic had to happen the madness had taken Alice the hatter he saved the world now he writes about it by the way

He’s lost in his mind now he’s so sick

He’s paranoid that somebody will notice

That he’s gone from the world, the commotion

They shut him down right before he has spoken

You’re reading my mind

You hear the demons they’re speaking inside

You see the truth hidden deep in a lie

Make you question yourself is he even alive

Did he survive?

Is he still fighting the devil, the evil that trapped him inside

The cage in his hell that is deep in his mind

He’s calling for help, but the people declined

I am alive

I am a legend

I am the hero the people neglected

I am the voice that the evil rejected

The voice in the crowd they believed for a second

Leaving for Heaven

Stranded on Earth

I keep on dreaming for all that it’s worth

I keep on screaming can anyone hear me

The crowds getting louder I drown in their words


Chaotic thoughts yeah I’ve been gone

In my own world in my head yes I’ve been God

People look at me and try to see what went wrong

tell them all I’m fine, I lied, while the voices in my head talk

Let em write the lyrics and everything

try ignoring them, but they just keep attacking me mentally the entity in the hero’s becoming his worst enemy The Madness in his mind perfecting a different melody


at least im safe inside my mind... right?


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