"Weighing sins and forgiveness"

Wed, 05/14/2014 - 10:45 -- GabbyG


We're Sought by Satan of that I’m sure as he plots to derail our soul.

Greed, hate , lust , anger, and fear. Our deeds which facilitate his coal. He smiles at lies, cheating and theft.

He laughs at never-ending war. He drools to conquer the hearts of man. Shadowing every window and door.

Tempting all with unclean pleasures His success is weakness and desire, Avoiding torment and fire. Goodness and evil illustrate life, Like to sides of every coin.

Most can't help but experience both, as we learn who to trust , follow , and join. The angels are jealous. The world is dieseling.

The angels they sing , but the Demons are yelling. Sins are propelling. They grow in my soul , My flesh in never satisfied and these sins don't get old. Repeat , repeat a daily routine.

Its hard for no violence in a rated “R” scene. Its hard to be good when bad is our theme. The world is a feign , Cracked up , jacked up, popping demented beans.

When I get to heaven Gods gonna love me , White Glocs , we thug it . Hold on to this scripture cause my heart is so busted.

Those versus's don't trust it , the devil don't lust it, & this world don't love it.


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