Weather You Like It Or Not


United States
34° 25' 16.5324" N, 119° 29' 15.2412" W

Whether you like it or not

I am what I am and say what I say

And as each night falls and I wait for each day

It is the time I wonder the most

About why I should be in this world

I feel like I'm special, but that means so are the other 7 billion

People in the world

My moods, characteristics, and dreams change like the climate

I can be exagerrating, but so is global warming

I speak my mind, and voice my opinion

Maybe not out loud, but I want the world to know

About my artistic spirit.

It's a cold world out there, that can get me as heated as Venus

Weather is cold and it's hot

Wheter I'm old, or I'm not

I say what I want, and I'm okay with what anybody throws at me

Let's see what you got.

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You remind me of myself.

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