Weary Carnival

Shoulders displaced set upon odd angles 
Walkers stumble and trip
Hands twist and pop
Knees out of joint
The strangest carnival
One of horrors
Not a single sound
The walking wounded
Carrying emotional scars
Twist, mar and scrape
Proud flesh exposed
Heads offset among the crowd 
Picket fences pierce
Friendly faces
Knives at the ready
The crowd descends
Upon this macabre carnival
Will the horror end? 
Mocking eyes, lying tongues
Bones push through
Among the walking fools
Lay down, pummel and malign
Not a sound
Horrors hold tight
This evil carnival continues
Generation after generation
A bloody tapestry
Filled with twisted perceptions
Innuendo and caustic retorts
Vicious the rides and concessions
Visitors laugh at the misery
Hawkers pose feats 
Flesh filled hatred
As the many walk
Broken limbs drag
All for public display
Horrors cannot be hid
Nightmares cannot be ignored
Silence still reigns
Staves pierce
Organs hang, bones are splintered
The crowds oh's and ah's
Examining each display
In the strangest of places
This macabre carnival
The little denizen of horrors
Emotional scars examined
Compared and weighed
The finest of bloody wines
Proud flesh touched
Reposed, reclined, and relaxed
Each lays vulnerable
The weakest fall to the stranger
No mercy in this place
Compassion rebuffed
Beatings abound
Each social display
Carry sharp shards
Push organs around
In the carnival, horrors all around 


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