I have a weakness for boys, but what female doesn’t?

Want a guy to make me the spotlight, like Jennifer Hudson

Raise me up when my spirit starts to plummet

Jay Z got 99 problems, but me? I got a hundred

Cried thousands of rivers like Justin

Timberlake, yes yell timber for God’s sake, cause my tree of life is about to break

Naïve fish in the sea, cause I always go for the bait

Moved by those precious words he might say

I go for the hook, and he gets me, enlisting, in a spiritual war, he started just by fishing

Make me think I’ll always love him like Whitney

He took everything, now I’m empty

Gave him my heart and that’s the very thing I’m resenting

Judge charge him for murder, I swear he’s guilty

I’ve lost my life, he has killed me

Don’t you see the blood on his hands?

Or that vicious glance

Or maybe that beautiful stance,

Those amazing muscles that never cease to enhance

 Oh no it feels like I’m going in a trance

It’s seems I’m falling in love all over again,

Obsessed and distracted by the appearance of this man

Please Mr. Cloud, go away…

I’m happy being celibate, don’t rain on my parade

Soaked with disgust at the end of the day

Told my God, I would be good, but around you, I can’t behave

Call him the burger king, because he always has it his way

Treats me like a piece of meat so we always have beef

Playing games, he wins because he cheats

Following TLC, he’s always Creeps

After the love scene, I find heavy regret between those thin layers of sheets

Pulled in by the beauty and devoured by the beast

I’m on a losing streak

I’m such a mess, wish I could straighten up, wouldn’t that be neat?

Feel like I’m in the hospital staring at the machine, hoping to find relief in a heart beat

 Lifeless cause I bowed to a man as if he was some form of monarchy

But, he shouldn’t be, he’s not

I swear he’s the devil from hell, he makes me hot

Throws flames of irresistible words on me, cause he knows they’re hard to block

I say, I won’t let him in, until I hear that knock

Physical touch, suddenly makes me forget the word stop

And I become overwhelmed by his sweet talk

Lies flying through the air like a flock

Emotions have me chained

The boy has been picking my with brain,

 A surgeon who gets well paid

I want change but I continue to fall for the same thing

I need to stop showering men with praise, and let God reign

Not just speak change, but claim

Go beyond say

Find strength in being an independent single lady

Not stumble as I walk away like Macy Gray

That I will run from temptation, without delay

His flattering, won’t master me, I won’t be a slave

That I will no longer be weak when a man walks my way,

Not doubt myself, faith is what I will embrace

That my father gives me strength,

That God will be first and no man will ever take his place



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