You take me for the weak

Judging before I speak

I may be a female,

but I can do just as good as you.

And better too.

I stay focused on my goals.

straight tunnel vision

Not worried about people like you.

Waiting for me to fall

yet I stand tall

through everything and all

I am strong, and powerful too

You're so busy studying me,

when you should focused on you.

But I feed off your energy 

and the negativity. 

It flows through my veins,

fueling me. So I laugh

Never take me for the weak.

For genders have never mattered

in this goal that I seek.

Your confidence is slack

Scared you are, Yes

Fearing me, a female

Yet I am the best.

So never take me for the weak.

I can destroy and shatter you,

and still claim the goal that I seek.


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