Sun, 10/12/2014 - 01:13 -- paigeH2


On my wrist there lies a band with three simple words

"We will stand"

It stands as a reminder to stay bold

A beacon to what courage I hold

You see, the world claims there is nothing left to believe

They say darkness is all we can perceive

They act as if our world has fallen

And all hope has been forgotten

They choose to look only at the war and hatred

To focus on the grief and anguish

But know something…

The minute you begin believing these deceiving words

Is the minute you give into the lies that are told?

You forget that the darkness of night can only live till daybreak

Please, listen and forget the heartbreak

Do you remember?

Do you remember looking up into the stars and watching an infinity unfold

Or dreaming about the mysteries untold

Have you heard music that speaks to your very soul?

Have you seen kindness make a person whole?

Have you seen passion and creation combine?

Or witnessed peace and innocence most say is divine

Or is it really true that my world has forgotten?

Do you remember?

Because I do!

I have seen both in my time

Please open your eyes and see!

Stand and let your self be free


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