We Will Never Be The Same

Thu, 06/30/2016 - 16:26 -- zdom611

there's a pain in my heart 

and now there is no going back

its a mental war and im under attack


i find that i love and i care but now im on my own do i say why?

i dont dare


a stupid decision, my one regret. I hate myself for choosing

but there still time left yet


theres time for me to see, to ackinowledge and change

but i dont see that going 

life is just too goddamn strange


and now im back to where i was before, self harm and depression

my blood drips to the floor


and this is my decision?

this is why i lost you?

well i dont know know,

damn it felt like a trade off i just couldnt refuse


but i know deep in my heart no one will ever fill your shoes

no one has that laugh or that smirk or that tone

that makes this so much harder,

that makes me feel more alone


now my heart is feeling heavy

and my head is with doubt,

so i suppose i'll just have to move on

and have to figure this all out


no this wasnt my plan

i wanted us to stay

but im not going to lie and well

you arent gay


so now this hurts us both

and i swear i didnt mean to make us feel this way

the break was suppose to be clean


but how could it be?

when the feelings remain, i guess its safe to say

"we will never be the same"

This poem is about: 
Our world



This poem is dedicated to my ex who assisted in our breakup when he decided he couldnt be with me after i came out as Transgender.


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