We step forwardOut of


We step forward
Out of the dark
No longer afraid
Of the people who stare
We take pride for who we are
Hand in hand
We take our stand
And speed our words
Words that will be heard
Because no longer will we be held back
By the chains of oppression
We embrace who we are
For we are equal
Despite our differences in sexuality
We are the same
People are excepted although their
Religions differ
What difference does it make?
We do not harm anyone
We can be gay, we can be strait, and we can be bi
And we are not ashamed.
For there is no reason to feel
Like our life is a sin
Love knows no boundaries
Love is limitless
So why should we have limits on who we are?
Step out of the closed minded closets
Release the constant accusations

Fueling all the pain
The time has come
The world must change


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