We Need Them

What would the world be like

If everyone had a mommy and daddy.

If everyone grew up in a loving, stable home,

Never hungry or naked,

Rarely too hot or too cold,

Always loved.

If everyone had a Childhood,

Filled with laughter and love.

Friends to play with,

Schoolwork to complete,

Chores to help out around the house.

Maybe then there would be less violence

Less homelessness,

Less drug and alcohol addiction,

Fewer deaths in the gutter.

And there would be more

Saturdays in the park.

My wish for the world is that everyone

Could have grown up with a

Mother and Father that

Loved them

Respected them

Cared for them

And was there for them.

Because no matter how much

They get in the way

Annoy us

And generally ruin our lives,

They need us and

We need them.






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