We had the Power to Save Him


United States
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Like a storm hovering over a barren land
Tears fill this boy’s hands
They burn like coals on fire
Fueled by words of hate and ire

Day after day vicious slurs are thrown
Just as piercing as train’s whistle blown
He’s called a sinner and a heathen
And was given no type of kindness to believe in

His father’s eyes filled with disgust
When this boy explained who he loved
And just like that the boy became abandoned
Like acid rain his thoughts and dreams were poisoned

Was he a sinner? Was he a disgrace?
Did he deserve to see another day?
And as the tears again begin to drop
He asks his god to make it stop

But the boy didn't mean the slurs or names
He knew that was a never ending train
Instead the boy meant his life
To lay in front of the train and end his strife

For this boy there was no happy ending
And you and I have to think about the message we’re sending
We made him think he was lost in sin
While all this time we had the power to save him
But we didn't…


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