We is Greater than I

Although it never occurred to me

That we is greater than I

And the unfolding of time

Is really just an illusion 

Of the mind’s eye

Within it holds a truth
Greater than any truth known

To surrender to what is unknown

Is to know life

Perhaps I do know life

An unfolding of generations

Passes through my fingers

Praising the change I have made

Raising a glass to the lone wolf

May she lay down with herself

To know she is not alone

Although the road is not friendly

She would not dare trek around it

For she knows herself 

In her darkness and in light

Her mind’s eye still struggles

To comprehend the battles

She must fight alone

And behind her follows 

A wisdom of ancients

Whispering the soothing tune

Of the fullest moon

She walks, but she is not alone

It is no lie that

We is greater than I

Together we shall stand

Hand in hand

For a truth we all will face

In death or in our place

The truth is love

That is all there is

We is stronger than I

Although I do not stand alone

Open your eyes and fucking see

The truth is not you, its WE. 

This poem is about: 
My community


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