We the class of 2020

We the class of 2020

Conceived in good times,  

Born in chaos,  

Brought up in fear,

Oh how it shapes us,

We Witness to chaos,

Yet we are Subject to hope,

We dream of wars far away,

And those they took with them,

We witness not the images that burn

Yet we know them very well

We have been flooded

We have been bombed

And yet we still press on

We provide hope

And we provide discomfort

We see history

And feel it’s effect

We are sheltered

Yet we grow up too fast

We are influenced

Yet independent

We deal with enemies

Both hidden

And obvious

We study the world around us

Yet barely know ourselves

We are diverse

Yet all the same

We hate and fear

Yet we love and persevere

Where we go,

Only God will ever know

We only know that we exist

So please, accept and coexist

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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snaps... we grow up in the hardest of times.


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