We "came" this close

Theres one thing i've learned about love,
They never come with protection,
So we are all forced to go raw.
I was forced to fall in love with myself,
Simply because nobody else will.
For years i've tried convincing you we were meant to be,
You've pasted my bare back against your black closet door.
Clawed my soul out and pressed yourself against my soft skin.
Happiness stirred with pain broke the board that binded me together with you.
You stroked love letters inside of me,
You thought that would make me feel better instead of engraving it in my heart.
You had girls on their knees for so long,
But I told you I only get on mine so I can pray.
I've knelt beside my bedhead everynight clasped my hands together
But all you wanted was to clasp your hands around me to pleasure yourself,
I said it doesn't work that way,
You've snatched more virginities than hearts now a days.
But you cant "come" up with a type of explanation on how are you able to
Balance the beat backs of your head board with the beat skipping of my heart.
There are dozens of stories that lay inside of the thread count of your satin sheets.
You "claimed" that you love me, BUT I was able to read inbetween the lies,
You swear what we do is only behind closed doors.
But you been going around telling your boys,
I always been your rebound ass.
I never really felt pretty a day in my life because of you.
So to make me feel better you told me I look beautiful, when im naked,
Huh? I never even put a slight gleam in your eye when my cleavage is concealed
It seems that when im stripped down to curves your shaft shifts straight up.
So you said to swallow you down like pain killers,
So you can take away the bit of pain that comes with the pleasure,
They all say that till they backstab you like back shots.
Im sorry to say, not all love stories reach it's climax,
Oh? What is this fairytale that you claim I am?
I heard Princesses don't lift up their dresses for you to place your scepter into her royal embroidery so easily.
I wish you were always what I depicted in my dreams,
Unfortunately you're 2nd head is only interested on what your 1st head depicts in your fantasies.
Ohh! I get it so thats why you visited me when I was ready to take a shower.
I told you not to enter but yet, how do you have that illustration of my silhouette on your phone.
Didn't think that's what you meant when you told me to leave my shadow behind.
Well, you did always look on the bright side...even when the vertical blinds blocked the sunlight from entering the room.
You always prefered our dates to be over the phone,
So when your friends come over they'll be able to imagine me vocalize your name
While straddling your heart speechless
And picture my orgasmic scream give birth to a knew generation of. . .imperfections.
As I gaze at you, from the other side of your king bed, locking your pillow to my chest. . .
I wonder, would everything change if I let you take me this one time. .
But things change after one time. . .
And after this one time i'll probably just be that lil desperate girl that sends winky texts to your phone.
Simply because she wants to feel loved
But she's always been wanted for the wrong cause.
Into her
Memories that will scar her for life.
But memories turned into broken glass.
Broken glass turned into shattered faults
Now she whips, her shattered faults, against your back.
She feels satisfied that someone now, feels her pain.


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