We Aren't Aware

We are the land of the suffering and home of the weak.

We corrupt the lives of millions just to gain some mula.

We preach unifaction yet contradict the actual treaty.

We are on the verge of war, but does killing innocent lives mean anything.

We try to help those that are already being treated,

But what about the chronic diseases or helpless families and people being beaten. 

'Till death do us part but we've already parted.

From our allies and social economists to our missionaries and helpless narcotics.

All a form of disruptance,

Disregarding the boredom in the world,

Disregarding the major abundance in the world,

Disregarding the truth in the world.

We are the land in which helps those who've already been helped.

We are the people who watch those struggle when they have luxury.

We are the government that corrupts the world and its "free"-dump of being free.

We are the people.

You are the people.

We're aware.

Youre aware.

We are all aware...

Yet were left in the darkness of dispair.

This poem is about: 
Our world



This was a fabulous form of exression.

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