We are snowflakes


You rant and rave

at thirty two starring eyes

about how we are lazy,

failures, not good enough.

Yet you, teacher are the one

who is lazy, a failure, not good enough

Remember how you preached to us

that we are all different

Snow Flakes i believe you called us,

why then, do you expect us all

to learn the same, at the same rate.

We have poeple like me,

filled to the brim with words

waiting to be put together to form

a poem, a story, a character

Being expected to excel in math 

as well as english

There is where the problem lies,

not that i dont care,

its my future the only thing 

i can do is care,

or i am a hoodlum

waiting in back alleys

smoking "the dope",

no the problem is that you are a math teacher

expecting poets to sit still,

learning theorems and functions,

to listen without day dreaming,

or starring out the intoxicating window.

Learn to teach

practce what you preach

and start realizing

that we are not all the same

some are hands on to learn

some can listen so keep lecturing-

we all know you are really good at that-

some need to read to know,

stop teaching us all the same

and expecting success

after all the definition of insanity

is doing the same thing over and over again

and ecpecting a different result.

We are snow flakes remember






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