We are the Same


United States
36° 6' 37.8576" N, 106° 16' 32.7036" W

I join this march in hopes and praise,
that perhaps it will end these dark days.
I turn and see a group of people,
whos only wish is to be equal.
I can't help but wonder why we can't get along,
this issue has been going for far to long.
I may be darker but i'm just like you,
For i have eyes, a nose, and mouth too.
Do you not see the arms at my sides?
or the legs that i walk with in strides?
Look at yourself and tell me the truth,
What is the difference? show me the proof.
I walk, I talk, I do what you do,
I smile, I laugh, and I sing too.
I have emotions and feelings same as you,
I have a family who loves me too.
So what is the difference between you and I?
That I am the dark? and you are the sky?
Color is just a word used as disgrace.
We are the same,
One Human Race.

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