We Are Poems

We are poems. 


A poem is an artistic expression,

Crafted by a mind whose only intention

Is to see itself and its deepest conceptions

Be seen by the world.


A poem is a breath of life;

Many who read it will surely find

A key or an answer to a riddle they've tried

To answer, but never could.


A poem is a love song, no matter what the subject;

It professes its love to a person, place, idea, or object,

Or even the cry for love where it lacks, a reject

Desperate and screaming for more.


We are poems.


We are crafted by the great Artist,

Displayed as the truest song in His heart,

Life-beings breathing and crying and singing

Because we are who He knows we are.


We are the greatest poetry of time--

For what can compare to a soul like mine,

Or yours, or theirs--living lyrics, lines,

And verses, whether or not we rhyme.

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Our world
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