We Are Not The Same



Lost and Broken.

Words unspoken.

Watch him crumble.

Watch her fall.

All because, you said it all.

People are different, people are the same.

Each of us has a different brain.

Some are broken, some are whole.

Some contain a little mole.


Sometimes they can speak their mind,

Sometimes they just want to hide.

Never knowing what to do,

Never knowing what you knew.

You can do it all you see,

They can’t do it or they’ll scream.

Inside their mind lives a voice,

Judging them and all their choice.

It tells them no or yes or woah,

Never does it let things go.

It wants to judge you, make you scream.

Wants you to take it to the extreme.

It won’t ever let you go,

No, it has to have control.

It will eat your mind alive,

You lose control, you lose your life.

Unless you’re careful you will see,

All the things that come to be.


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