We Are the Change

We are the change that will change the world

The change is inside every boy and girl

We can stop the violence and the gun shootings

the suicides and the cyberbullying

Take the time and find out how people tick

dont be so fast to go into your cliches

the world is in danger and only you can save it

to give it life or let it drown in its pit

so many problems and you feels that your only one

in a million but one life can shine like the rising sun

the hatred is too cold the wrath is hot

everywhere i look someone is getting shot

think before you pull the trigger just wait

dont let it go off and regeret because it will be too late

dont be to fast to spread you legs wide

letting all your treasures be given to the moon and the sky

someone special is waiting just for you

maybe your secretly waiting for him/her too

someone you dont know is always watching you

wanting to be just like you

Careful of what you do dont try to go through life too fast

because i can assure you your time wont last


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