We are black, our heart is great...


Black is night, white is noon,
Dense clouds are black, they have rain,
Black is shade, cools us all,
Black is night, time to relax,
Black is dusky, defuses heat, 
We are black, Our Heart is great...
Black too humans, we have life, 
Hospitality no weakness of us,
Is compassion, keep in mind,
World exploits blacks for greed,
For ages served as slaves,
For centuries suffered pain and hunger,
Change the name "poverty" to "black"
Most of us not live but starve,
Black is oppressed class,
Don't know why is treated so?
We Mean no harm, 
Dignity is our choice,
We are black, our Heart is great...
Those days have gone, 
when world misused us long,
It's open world, nothing concealed,
Each has strength to voice for justice,
We want, we want right...
Black is power, use us but no misuse,
We too live on earth as you do,
Don't want much, our only wish, 
A consideration being same as you,
Black isn't inferior but strong as you,
Can endure hardest of hardest life,
We want right, we want right...
To live like you, work like you, eat like you,
If no black, no white,
If no morning, no night,
World is black and white,
We are black, our heart is great...
© Sadashivan Nair. All rights reserved


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