We Are From


I am from

The place where streets don’t have full paved roads,


When you drive in my country you're bouncing while moving forward

And the poverty can’t be lowered because

Theres already such a great difference between rich and poor,

So if you’re rich, you're still poor,

So less is never really more.

So when you speak about my people

And you refer to them as dirty

Just know that unless you have a large amount of money you will be sleeping in a tent,

Instead of sleeping in a home,

And the regular source for water is so far gone --

I --

Am --


But you probably never knew that,

You would have expected an accent

Where : “I talk like this” and then you find it funny

You think I say: “Oh, oh” and my skin is ashy,

But trust me I believe in lotion.

So forget all your stupid jokes


I hope the next time you make fun of my people, you remember that bad chick,

Yeah the one with the nice arse;

She’s probably Haitian.



We are all the minority,

So stop oppressing each other.

Please respect one another

Because you never know how your words can hurt someone

But then again -

We thought it was always white people who showed blacks discrimination.



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