We Almost Lost Chicago This Time

Wed, 07/23/2014 - 03:50 -- Itiopia

It Stands out on a highway,
Like a Ghetto from another time
It inspires my questions
What's That?
For our brother's as they ride,
No one stopped to think about the babies,
Or how they would survive
and we almost lost Chicago,
This Time
How would we ever get over,
Loosing our minds...
Just 65 Miles from Chicago
stands a giant Nuclear station
It ticks each night as the city sleeps,
seconds from annihilation.
But no one stopped to think about the people
or How they would survive,
We almost lost Chicago
This Time
How would we ever get over,
Over losing our minds?
Mayor Rahm Emanuel had,
sure enough power on his mind
and what would Hadiya Pendleton say
if she was still alive?
That When it comes to people's safety
The NRA wins out every time
and we almost lost Chicago
this time, This time
How would we ever get over,
over losing our minds?
You see we almost lost Chicago that time
Almost Lost Chicago
That time
And how would we ever get over...
Cause odds are,
We gonna lose somewhere, one time.


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