We all have different reasons for forgetting to breathe


Your eyes are just eyes

and your voice is just the rush of air thorugh vocal chords


But every time you look at me

I am blinded by the sight of your smile

They say my people's eyes are like this 

from the years we spent squinting in the sunlight

after hours of working in the rice fields

I guess some things just evolve

for the better

I guess some things exist

to be appreciated

You exist.

I appreciate it.


Every time you speak

my breath escapes me

Like the way the breath must've rushed out of the moon's lungs

the first time it had the pleasure to shine upon you

Like the way Adam lost his breath

when he displaced a rib so that you could exist on this world

Like the way a groom forgets to breathe

the moment he sees his lover walk up the aisle

It's funny how some people can still function 

with only one lung

It's funny how some people can spend their last breathe

in a laugh

It's funny how death isn't very funny.


Seven billion faces on this world

I heard that all the faces you see in your dreams

are faces that you've met before

Seven billion faces is statistically significant

Chances are one of them will stick out in a dream


Seven billion faces

Somehow yours is the only one that matters to me.




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