We All Go Down Together

Sticks and stones dont compare to the pain inside me

wound up too tight to be fixed

my heart bursts but does not bleed

my eyes sting but do not tear

because I've taught myself not to cry

even when my body says "help"

I say "I'm okay"

I'm okay

I'm okay


pounding inside my brain

I tell myself I will be okay


I don't even know whether or not it's true

I just try to smother myself with the thought that it is

because right now I am drowning in the ocean that is myself

but after all

after life

our lungs cease to breathe

our hearts cease to beat

our brains cease to think

we are


some of us die with scars on our hearts

but in the end of all things

we are just bodies



mutilated bodies

all human

all dead now

freed from the earthly pain that killed us in the first place.

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