I never thought I'd meet people like them we were conjoined.
We were always together and if we weren't our souls would call for one another .
We were all one step one sound one heartbeat yet so different. from spicy to mild and sweet to sour. 
The love I thought I could only receive from a man I got from them and we loved, we loved, each other like no one else could. 
When we came together our combined ebony hues illuminated as one of the darkest brightest and purist things in the world. yes we loved each other with no restraints we were one song one poem one body of water. 
When there were droughts or one of us ran out of rhymes we all felt it. 
You see we confided in each other our secrets, and in turn we gave our hearts.
When they went away I was against it, I said it was nothing but a bloody business only fools give their lives away like that, but they wouldn't listen so they left and with them 3/4 of my heart but we were always together. Sudden bursts of laughter filled my mouth, and I knew it was them when reluctant tears inflated my eyes I knew it was them, and when I felt pain like no other I knew it was them and I knew that they needed me but like I said before it was a bloody business they'll come back soon for sure. But they didn't and when I felt a sharp pain in my heart clogging up my lungs intoxicating the air around me I knew it was them, and I longed to reach out to them and say just wait a little longer I'll be there but they didn't wait, and they went like they came all three of them, forever.
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Our world
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