In ways in which we stumble,
In ways in which we fall,
In ways we are silenced
And broken down 
That are not proper ways at all.

There's the regular lot,
of yelling, violence, and pain.
But you see there
are other ways 
that others are not willing 
to said they've seen.

There's the untasteful jokes
towards people who are less fortunate,
or the sly comments as they walk by
while living a life of true struggle.
Their cruel attitudes freeze others, 
and place the plainly innocent in 
the deadly line of sight.

There are the trolls who linger
behind the keys of a machine
who tease and torture verbally and electronically, 
and whose only goal is for someone's life to end.
And when somebody's life does,
there is no apology. 
Their only defense is to lie and hide
and to continue on with their tyranny.

There are the abusers and the bullies,
who deny and deny and deny.
Who when caught cry like they are 
the true victims of the crime,
even though they may 
or honestly may not 
be hurting on inside.

There are the twisted creeps
that linger and watch on the 
sidewalks, alleyways, and streets.
They think it's okay to catcall
and to touch
anyone, anywhere, inappropriately.
What is not realized, or taken into account
is how many scars and permanent damage
is done to the victims 
inside and out.

There are the people who hide behind 
religion and political beliefs 
to conceal and hide their hate
when their ignorance of love and equality and peace
is already so loud and rageful
it beats, maims, and crushes
the chances of anything positive happening 
that is different or opposing.

There are many different ways
of looking and seeing what I see.
I may be utterly wrong.
I may be utterly right.
It is up to you, however, 
to complete these thoughts.

Will what has been written reign true?
Will what has been spoken be heard?
Will the world rise or fall?
It's your turn.
It's your life.
Just please for the love of everything,



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