The Way She...

Every breath I take is because of her. The way she talks and the way I listen. The way she smiles and the way I smile back. The way she cries and the way I comfort her. The way she acts when she is upset and the way I tell her everything is going to be okay. The way I tell her I love her and the way she tells me the same. Every hello and goodbye is remembered and never forgotten. There is never a final goodbye, it is only a "see you later," or "I miss you and cannot wait to see you." Only fools take the little things forgranted and I live for the little things. The most important thing is the way she looks at me. It is like a goddess stairing into a poor mans eyes giving him hope and making him feel wanted. I feel safe when I am with her and she tells me the same. I can tell her mood by the way she is sitting. It's as if I am another person. I fully understand her and know everything about her, except one thing. How is she mine? A guy like me could never be with a girl like her. But yet fait gave me a chance and god sent down one of his angels to save one man's life. And that man is me. I could never live without her. Not knowing she is'nt mine even for a second would kill me. I could never live and love the same.

The way she loves me

The way she loves me

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