The Way I Talk (Why i write)


My vocabulary may not seem so big

But my mind is always wondering.

My skin isn't as bright as the one next to me

But my diction and tone is brighter then them.

Who knew a little girl from the wrong side of the tracks

Could learn words, such as diction, at a young age.

They didn't see me as an equal.

They saw the way i talked.


I wasn't as black as they wanted

Nor did i act it at all.

I made a cell for myself by talking 

And i didn't even know it.

I was ostrisized for being me

So i tried to let go.

Let go of that bright diction,

I mean those words. 


The way i talked brought me to a page

A bright page waiting to be brighter with my diction

I mean my words.

I began to find out that 

No matter how bright my words,

I mean my diction, was the page kept going.

So I went on with my diction

And i continued to break down my cell walls

Until I was finally free. 

Free to be bright and use my diction.

Free to be myself in everyway.

Free to talk the way I talk.






Thanks for sharing your message.  One's vernacular or diction should not be considered a deciding factor of intelligence or class.  However, this is the case, at times.  Yet, you transcend such.  Keep reading and writing. 

Keep pushing onward and upward, my dear.


Scott Bailey



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