"The Way"

She's had a long day at work and so
she decides to sit in the first row
unbeknownst to her 5 blocks away await
more whites to get on the bus through the wide gate
she looks and sees there's no more seats
but why should she get up, she has blisters on her feet
the bus driver screams, yells, threatens even
but Mrs. Parks is tired of gettin' up and leavin
We deserve to be free and have the same opportunities
so she tells him NO
and off he goes
to get the police
why can't we just have some peace
she wonders being escorted to jail
not knowing E.D. Nixon has come to pay her bail
and so they march, march and march all day
with Dr. King and Rosa Parks leading the way
November of fifty six, no more cruel bus tricks
Segregation ruled unconstitutional, and very irrational
For many blacks and whites alike will never forget that day
Of the valiant woman, Mrs. Parks who led the way.

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