The waves of love



[  ] The waves of love
The sound of the sea waves baffling me
Sitting at the seashore,
Holding hands
Is still like my dream.
I was never a selenophile before
Till the time I met the one
Willing to watch the moon with me
Making me realize
The moon is much more beautiful than I used to think.
The sparkling sea under the night sky
Feels like denoting our love
Never ending 
Whether we exist on this planet or not.
That night I felt the stars were blessing our love
With their glimmering twilight spark .
The moon was like the reflection of our hearts
And the moonlight was like our neverending love.
I wanted to cease time there
So we can always enjoy this serene view together.
The waves of our love reached our hearts
And we promised to never be apart.
                           By Didriksha Chakraborty


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