Waves of Hell


To commit a Murder.



You make me hate you.

Broken Promises.

You destroy all hope.


You make me hate myself.

I cry myself to sleep.


Dying from my core.

The only way out.

The end of you.

I need it.

I want it.

One knife.

One feeling.

One less soul.

But one more to burn.

Burn in Hell.

No more fallen tears.

Only forgiveness.

Redeem me.


Mistakes make Me.


God is my only redemption.

Save my soul.

Be my savior.

Pull me from the ashes of my own mistakes.

I’m disappearing.

Breaking down.

Lift me from my own demise.

Desolation can only save the already dead.

So desolate me.




Breath me in.

Soak me into your skin.

Feel me breath.

Cool on your skin.

Enter unto me.

Make me whole again.

Dig in deep.

Make me real.

Show me how to be alive.

I have been dead without you.

For so long.

Love me, know me, be me.


Disturbing hope.


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