Wave to Me from the Clouds

I've been walking on broken cobble streets

Rewinding memories of happiness

And feeing so alone


I miss us

I miss dancing on starlight

I miss laughing at the constellations


We were once so close

You told me we could do as we choose

We took on the world


Look where it's gotten you

Realize me

Take me back

Open my mind to these ghostly thoughts


I've been dreaming that we'd meet again

Telling myself that it's all right

And yet knowing better


I miss you

I miss running in the sand

I miss talking with the waves


We are so far

You tell me to fly away

We grow apart


Look where you've gone

Fight me now

Take me down

Open my mind to these ghostly thoughts


You left me on this cold ground

You disappeared on me

But I feel something in my heart


I miss it

I miss knowing

I miss understanding


I regret every wasted breath

You burned for me

I want to force you to move again


Look down at me

Rewind me

To that moment

And wave to me from the clouds




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