Watching the Class

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 15:22 -- baldaz


I find myself watching the class,

As a spectator looking from the outside

I see so many hurting people, everywhere


The girl full of sass, 

Is really dying inside

Her friends betrayed her, since she didn't smoke


The boy who bullies everyone,

Is hurting people because his father beats him every night


The kid who gets straight A's

Is trying to do well so his mom gets off his back


The boy who sleeps in class all day,

Works hard all night to help pay the bills


The girl who sleeps around a lot,

That's the only way that she knows that she is loved


Everyone is hurting,

In one way or another

But no one notices

Or cares

Everyone needs to be loved in one way or another

Will you be the one who loves someone who is hurting?


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